"Museum Customer Experience and Virtual Reality"

Lunedì, 27 Maggio, 2019 - 14:00
Aula Meeting, Santa Chiara Lab
Seminario di Filomena Izzo e Patrizia Sbriglia
Seminari LabVR UNISI

AbstractThe seminar presents the effects of virtual reality application on customer experience in museum. A case study was applied in order to analyze the research question. The author finds that virtual reality may provide a valuable experience with customers as well as cultural management. Data have been collected only at “Palazzo Ducale” in Venice (Italy), which provide a limited overview of the topic; however a comparative analysis might be applied to evaluate the phenomenon in other Country. Virtual reality is a quite new topic. Only few scholar have been analyzed this phenomenon in relation to museum. The aim of this study is to enrich the current literature review and provide some recommendations to public and private practioners (professionals), providing a diverse prospective of the virtual reality and also strategical actions to improve customers’ experience.