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Christian Gortazar y Jose Julián Garde López-Brea (2020) El populismo epidemiológico no frenará al coronavirus, The Conversation, September 21, 2020:

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Selected Links: The Behavioral Side of the Coronavirus (Updated: April 6, 2020) - By The Editorial Board - Behavioral Scientist

The War on Coronavirus Is Also a War on Paperwork By Cass R. Sunstein Bloomberg “In the last weeks, the war on sludge has been impressive, but it’s sporadic, and it’s in its early stages…If we want to help people survive economically, or get medical help to them, public officials should be eager to simplify, to waive onerous requirements, and to make economic or other assistance automatic.


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Covid-19 Knowledge HUB dell'European University Institute di Fiesole:


Nicholas Casey, College Made Them Feel Equal. The Virus Exposed How Unequal Their Lives Are. When they were all in the same dorms and eating the same dining hall food, the disparities in students’ backgrounds weren’t as clear as they are over video chat. New York Times, 4 aprile 2020:


Michael Corkery, Robots Welcome to Take Over, as Pandemic Accelerates Automation, New York Times, 10 Aprile 2020


Alain Frachon, «Dans les pays occidentaux, la lutte contre le Covid-19 nous tire à gauche», Le Monde, 10 Aprile 2020


Niccolò Natali e Nikola Lorenzin, Messages from quarantine, New York Times, 2 aprile 2020:


Jennifer Valentino DeVries, Location data says it all: staying at home during Corona Virus is a Luxury, New York Times, 3 aprile 2020:


Lazaro Gamio, The Workers Who Face the Greatest Coronavirus Risk, web info-grafica, New York Times, 15 marzo 2020:


The Politics of Covid-19: una selezione di podcast sul tema, curata da Evgeny Morozov e dalla sua newsletter The Syllabus:


Nancy LeTourneau Will American Politics Change as a Result of This Pandemic?, Washington Monthly, 10 Aprile 2020


Samuel Moore COVID-19 and the future of open access, 10 aprile 2020


Eva Illouz Coronavirus reveals what really makes the world go round, and it's not money Haaretz, 10 Aprile 2020


Hannah Habel Hirsch, On the ethics of documenting a Pandemic, British Journal of Photography, 9 aprile 2020:


Richard Hughes Gibson, On Tele-teaching, the HedgeHog review, critical reflections on contemporary Culture, 1 aprile:


Julia Yesberg et al., Public support for Live Facial Recognition and implications for COVID-19 policing, LSE Impact of Social Science, 10 Aprile 2020


Katie Jones, How Covid-19 impacted Media Consumption, by generation, Visual Capitalist, 7 aprile 2020:


Arwa Mahdawi, Do you know how Zoom is using your data? Here why you should, The Guardian, 1 aprile 2020:


Simon Schama, Plague time: what history tells us, Financial Times, 10 Aprile, 2020


Jack Schenker, Cities after Corona Virus. How Covid19 could radically change urban life, The Guardian, 26 marzo 2020:


Nicholas Truong, Jurgen Habermas: «Dans cette crise, il nous faut agir dans le savoir explicite de notre non-savoir», Le Monde, 10 April, 2020


Adam Tooze, The normal economy is never coming back, Foreign Policy, 9 aprile 2020:


Ingrid Vergara La crise du Covid-19 accélère la bascule dans le monde numérique, Le Figaro, 10 Aprile 2020


Jonathan Watts, Climate crisis: amid coronavirus lockdown nature bounces back – but for how long? The Guardian, 10 Aprile 2020


Michael Wilson, What New York looked like during the 1918 Flu Pandemic, New York Times, 2 aprile 2020:


Colin Woodard How America’s Earliest Colonists Dictate Today’s Coronavirus Response, Washington Monthly, 10 Aprile 2020


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