Laboratory for Experimental Linguistics and Syntactic Cartography


The Laboratory of Experimental Linguistics and Syntactic Cartography is an operational unit of CISCL, an Inter-University Center for Cognitive Studies on Language. Its mission is to coordinate and develop experimental research on language, grounded on solid theoretical foundations. It promotes the interdisciplinary exchange between theoretical linguistics, cognitive psychology, neuroscience and developmental psychology. It hosts collaborative research projects on language processing in different populations of subjects, including those suffering from developmental and age-associated diseases. This in collaboration with childcares, schools and clinical rehabilitation facilities that are located both within and outside the regional borders.


The laboratory is equipped with modern systems for the detection of biometric measures, as eye movements (Eye-Link, Tobii). The lab works in synergy with the DISPOC Co-Working Lab, equipped with Virtual and Augmented Reality simulation environments.


Lab activities include:

  • Syntactic processing and real-time parsing strategies
  • Computational models of language processing, NLP
  • Theoretical research on clause structure, cartography of syntactic structures
  • Phonetics and phonology studies
  • First and second language acquisition, multilingualism
  • Language pathologies, acquisition, neurodegenerative diseases