What are Internships?

Many first and second cycle degree programmes require students to earn credits through internships before graduating.

These are professional training experiences with organisations affiliated with the University, which provide students with the opportunity to come into direct contact with the world of work and develop knowledge acquired during their academic training.

In order to activate an internship, students must refer to the Placement Office, which will help them activate an affiliation with the hosting organisation (if one does not yet exist), write their educational project and formalise the internship.

Before beginning an internship, in order for students to have the CFU credits recognised in their career (when they are required by the study plan of the degree programme being followed), students must refer to the information desk of the Students and Didactic Office, also for any previous authorisation by the Didactic Committee where required.

The job orientation service of the Placement Office provides graduates with useful support for identifying their professional path, thanks as well to the internships provided by the University, which can be viewed on the Office’s website.

Procedure for activating Internships

All information on curricular and extracurricular Internships can be found on the University Portal:

Variation in Paperwork for Internship Recognition

Starting from April 2015, the entire University will provide new paperwork for requests for recognising internship/thesis research activities (forms are available on the web pages of the Department in the section “Paperwork” of the Office for Students and Didactics).

Please note that students must present a request for previous authorisation before the beginning of the internship and a final declaration at the end of the activity. Both must be presented to the Office for Students and Didactics in order to be approved by the Didactic Committee.

All students who have still not begun their internship activity must therefore present the request to do an internship to our office, so that it may be sent to the Committee for a first authorisation.