Instructions of the April exams session

Thursday, April 16, 2020
Letter to the students from DISPOC Director

Dear students,

I am writing to you as director of the Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences to reassure you that, after the first graduation session in videoconferencing last March, our teaching activity is proceeding regularly online via live streaming or through the registration of the lessons on the Panopto platform. I invite you to report any problems or difficulties you encounter in following our courses. The next commitment we are organizing concerns the videoconference of the next extraordinary exam session of April 20-24. I invite you to follow these simple rules.


Videoconference exam procedure

  • You must register for the exams at least 2 days before the exam.
  • The day before the exam, the teacher will communicate via email (to your institutional account the link with which to connect via the Google meet platform and the order of presentation with the exact time you will be examined.
  • Once the communication has been received, please send your confirmation by email, also indicating the number of your mobile phone to the teacher so that you can be contacted in the event of an emergency.
  • Participation in the exam implies acceptance to be filmed via a webcam of one's own workstation. The shooting will be carried out for the sole purpose of the correct conduct of the exam, will be accessible only to the members of the Exam Commission and to the dedicated technical staff, and the registration will be canceled after the vote has been taken.
  • At the scheduled time, students will be able to access the exam, authenticating themselves with their institutional account, using the link sent to them via email. Remember that the exam is public and therefore all those who have the link will be able to attend the exam tests.
  • In the case of oral exam you will need to have a computer, tablet or smartphone with the Chrome browser installed or the official Google Hangout Meet app. At the scheduled time, the commission will carry out the examination exclusively in audio and video mode after verifying your identity.
  • In the case of a written exam you must have both a computer connected in video and audio and a smartphone capable of photographing your exam test. The smartphone must always be kept visible on the table, turned off and face down and the presence of other hardware (e.g. smartwatch, earphones, etc...) or other people in the same room will not be allowed. At the end of the test, the paper documents photographed with your mobile phone or the test carried out on the computer must be sent to the teacher's email address.
  • Of course, if a student is surprised to copy or has an ethically incorrect behavior or leaves the desk before the end of the exam, her or his exam will be canceled.


Confident that with your collaboration we will be able to guarantee an efficient and regular conduct of the exam session as well, I send you the best wishes for a Happy Easter to you and your families.


Alessandro Innocenti
Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences
University of Siena