Interaction Design Lab - Mind Lab


The Interaction Design Laboratory has performed research and development in the field of communication technologies. For more than 20 years it has been constantly involved in projects funded by private organisations (including Apple, Philips, Domus Academy, EuroControl, Italian State Railways, Siemens, Indesit) and public institutions (Miur, the European Commission, the European Science Foundation). It is a meeting place for experts from various disciplines (Design, Psychology, Engineering, Mathematics, Graphic Design) from the worlds of both academics and industry, and provides a point of contact between didactics, research and development.


Its investigations focus on:

a) The analysis and modelisation of the human activities projects are based on,

b) The generation and processing of design concepts,

c) The production of Mock-ups and prototypes,

d) The heuristic and experimental evaluation of design solutions with experts and final users,

e) The development and maintenance of software and hardware solutions.


The laboratory has tools for video analysis (systems for shooting, video and audio production and post-production), for rapid prototyping (software applications for doing mock-ups, software solutions for graphic production, electronic workshops, solutions for hardware production in plastic and wood, resin 3D printer) and for laboratory testing (software and hardware solutions for logging interactions).


The MindLab offers hardware and software tools for graphic and video production and post-production, for the development of application solutions for the mobile web, for conducting surveys on computer-assisted learning and on computer-supported cooperative work. It also receives PhD students, research fellows and collaborators with research projects from the field of Psychology.