Vincenzo MOSCATI

Curriculum vitae

Vincenzo Moscati received his PhD (European Doctorate) in Cognitive Science at the Siena University and since 2014 he is member of the CISCL - Centre for Interdepartmental Studies on Language and Cognition. He his associate investigator at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Cognition and its Disorders at the Macquarie University, where he previously held a post-doctoral position. He has been Visiting Scholar at M.I.T. in the department of Linguistics of Noam Chomsky between 2004 and 2005 and at the Sonderforschungsbereich Mehrsprachigkeit (Center for Research on Multilingualism) at the Hamburg University.


His research focuses on formal linguistics and psycholinguistics, with a special interest on language acquisition. The resolution of scope ambiguities in young children, the cross-linguistic study of the syntax of negative sentences and the acquisition of syntax-pragmatic interface are among his most recent research topics.


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