Alison Margaret DUGUID

Curriculum vitae

Employment - (academic years)

  • 2002 – present Associate professor English language and linguistics University of Siena
  • 1992 – 2002 Lettrice University of Siena
  • 1989 – 1992 Lettrice Istituto Universitario Orientale di Napoli
  • 1978 – 1989 Teacher and teacher trainer EFL British Council Italy (Naples)
  • 1977 – 1978 English Language Teacher British School Ivrea
  • 1976 – 1977 Language teacher (French) North Yorkshire Education Authority



  • 1989 Diploma di Specializzazione in Psicoterapia Funzionale, SIF Napoli - Scuola Europea di Psicologia e Psicoterapia Funzionale e Corporea - (Iscrizione Albo degli  Psicologi della Campania 1990)
  • 1979 Institute of Linguists Final Diploma for Translators (Distinction in Oral and Translation into English)
  • 1979 Cambridge ESOL DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) - British Council Naples.
  • 1976 Postgraduate Certificate of Education (and qualified teacher status) Language Teaching Centre University of York
  • 1975 BA (Joint Hons) Linguistics and English (2:1) - University of Warwick


Training courses

  • 2004 Online language education, online course organised by Siena University 6 May – 23 June.
  • 2003 A practical introduction to the construction and use of corpora for linguistics, organised by Bologna University (Forlì), 2 - 4 October.


Other academic activity and memberships

  • Coordinator SELLS (Siena English Language and Linguistics Seminars). (
  • President  certifications commission CLA(università Language Teaching centre)  Università di Siena from 2005 –
  • Member of Board CLA Università di Siena from 2004
  • Director SSIS English Langugage University of Siena
  • Membro comtitato per la Didattica  CdL L20.
  • Membro AIA.


Research interests
corpus linguistics; discourse analysis; media discourse; computer-mediated discourse; politeness phenomena in interaction; evaluation in texts; metaphor studies; construction of identity through language in literary and non literary texts; action research within the fields of ESOL and TESOL.

Participation in funded research projects

  • Integrated and united? A quest for citizenship in an 'Ever Closer Europe', financed by the European Union within the scope of the 6th Framework Programme,
  • Corpora and discourse: A quantitative and qualitative linguistic analysis of political and media discourse on the conflict in Iraq in 2003, a national research project involving the universities of Siena, Bologna, and LUISS in Rome financed by the Italian ministry for Education.
  • The AICLU project for Linguistic Competence Certification in Italian Universities, a national research project involving nine Italian universities, financed by the Italian ministry for Education,
  • In the eyes of the beholder: Anti-Americanism in Western Europe and the United States during the recent Iraq crisis, an interdisciplinary project financed by Siena University.


  • Partington,A. Duguid,A. Taylor,C.(2013)  Patterns and Meanings in Discourse. John Benjamins. Amsterdam
  • Duguid A:M: (2001)Anatomy of a context: English Language teaching in Italy . Granville Press. London


Journal articles

  • DUGUID A.M. (2010). Informalisation in British newspaper disourse. Corpora Edinburgh University Press
  • DUGUID A.M. (2010b).On being anti- a diachronic comparison of anti-attitudes in the British broadsheets. Corpora. Edinburgh University Press.


Chapters in books

  • THORNBORROW, J.;HAARMAN, L. and DUGUID A.M. European Identity in UK, French and Italian TV News in Bayley, P. And WILLIAMS, G. (eds) European Identity: What the Media Say.  OUP( forthcoming)
  • DUGUID A.M. (2009). Loud signatures: Comparing evaluative discourse styles -patterns in rants and riffs. In: ROMER U.; SCHULZE R.EDS.. Exploring the lexis-grammar interface. p. 289-315, AMSTERDAM: John Benjamins, ISBN/ISSN: 978 90 272 2309 8
  • PARTINGTON A.S, DUGUID A.M. (2008). Modern Diachronic discourse studies.(MD-CADS). In: M. BERTUCCELLI
  • DUGUID A.M. (2007). Men at Work: Living in a contracted dialogistic space, the uncomfortable life at Number 10. In: GARZONE; SARANGI EDS. Discourse, Ideology and Specialized Communication: 435-484 Peter Lang Bern. p. 235-284, BERN: Peter Lang
  • DUGUID A.M. (2007). Soundbiters Bit: Contracted Dialogistic Space and the Textual Relations of the No. 10 Team Analysed through Corpus Assisted Discourse Studies. In: FAIRCLOUGH N.;CORTESE G.; ARDIZZONE P. EDS. Discourse and Contemporary Social Change. p. 73-94, BERN: Peter Lang


Conference papers

  • 2011 July Birmingham University International Corpus Linguistics Conference – Control and semantic prosody
  • 2009 July University of Liverpool International Conference in Corpus Linguistics. The SiBol Project
  • 2006 July University of Gorizia . International conference The 18th Euro-International Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference. Systemic-functional Linguistics at the Frontier: thresholds and potentialities of SFL as a descriptive theory. “ Look who’s talking issues around reflexive language, reporting speech and textual practices from a computer assisted discourse studies approach.”
  • 2006 October Leibniz University of Hannover. International conference. Exploring the Lexis-grammar interface “Loud signatures : comparing evaluative discourse styles, figurative language in rants and riffs”
  • 2004 March British Council Conference Venezia (Italia)
  • Hawkey, R. and Duguid, A.M. English at the School University interface: What levels; what certification; what for?


Invited seminars

  • 2009 Pragmatic competence in intercultural comunication- “Together in diversity” Intercultural Dialogue. Comune di Siena
  • 2008 On being Anti-  the anti-prefix in diachronic corpus assisted discourse studies. seminar for graduate students and International masters Scienze Politiche University of Siena (progetto di ricerca In the eyes of the beholder: anti-Americanism in Western Europe and the United States during the Iraq crisis.)
  • 2008 Testing Pragmatic Competence :Summer School University of Bologna
  • 2007 Talking (about ) the talk Certosa di Pontignano Cordis Symposium University of Siena
  • 2007 ottobre Convengo SIF  Firenze Palazzo Vecchio I prerequisiti  di personalità  dell’integrazione interculturale – La communicazione interculturale
  • 2006 June Certosa di Pontignano. Creativity and conformity – the balancing act in language learning and language use.
  • 2006 Novembre partecipazione alla tavola rotonda sulla formazione degli insegnanti di lingua TESOL Convengo Napoli