Online registration of exams

Starting from the summer Session of AY 2012/2013, exams are registered online.

Every student can register for Exam Sessions directly from their career information online. The calendar for available Sessions can be viewed on the pages of the Student Secretary’s Office Online: under Tools select “Search Sessions”.

For problems with registration for exams relative to discontinued degree courses, send an e-mail to: esamionline@unisi.it


Start Didactic Assessment AY 2017-2018

Students are requested to complete the teaching assessment questionnaires during the indicated periods.

On-line completion of these questionnaires by all students is required to register for Exam Sessions; students who fail to complete the questionnaires will not be allowed to register for exams.


Detailed instructions for completing questionnaires can be found in the attached Student Manual (in Italian).

In order to complete the teaching assessment questionnaires, access the normal function of OnlineSecretary --> "questionnaires" --> “didactic assessment questionnaires”