Laboratory for Experimental Linguistics and Syntactic Cartography (CISCL)


The Laboratory for Experimental Linguistics was born as an operative unit of the Interdisciplinary Center for Cognitive Studies of Language (CISCL), and hosts experimental research in linguistics (syntax, semantics, pragmatics, phonetics), psycholinguistics, the acquisition of language (first and second language, typical and atypical development) and computational linguistics, performed by Professors, researchers and advanced students from the CISCL and the Department of Communication Sciences; it also develops research projects in collaboration with the Department of Engineering of the University of Siena.


This laboratory regularly hosts PhD students from the PhD Programme in Cognitive Sciences, who conduct research on psycholinguistics, the acquisition of language and computational linguistics, and interns from the second cycle degree course in Linguistics and Cognitive Studies (now Linguistics, Persuasive Communication, Technology and Cognitive Studies), as well as from the first cycle degree course in Communication Sciences.


The Laboratory for Syntactic Cartography was born as an operative unit of the Interdisciplinary Center for Cognitive Studies of Language (CISCL), and offers its facilities for research on the cartography of syntactic structures, as well as the study of interfaces with semantics, pragmatics and phonetics. Since 1997, the University of Siena has promoted the cartographic project through the building of a national network (coordinated at its founding by Prof. Rizzi) including Siena, Florence, Venice and Milan (Milano Statale and then Bicocca) and financed through PRIN projects. Laboratory research has given way to publications, in particular in the series “The Cartography of Syntactic Structures” (part of the series “Studies in Comparative Syntax”, by Oxford University Press), PhD theses, presentations in international workshops, including in the PRIN network and the international network promoted by the University of Nanzan (see below). Results have been preliminarily published in the Working Papers of the CISCL (STiL, Studies in Linguistics) that have been distributed by MIT Working Papers of the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy of MIT since 2010.

The laboratory uses material gathered in the CISCL Documentation Center (Room 324, Floor 3, San Niccolò).