Laboratory for the Communication of Scientific Research (CRS)


Themes linked to the diffusion and dissemination of research results have become increasingly important and central to the lives of research institutions, in so far as the acquisitions of scientific work are no longer held to be pertinent exclusively within the University, but have direct repercussions on relationships with civil society (third mission).

On the other hand, the publication of scientific work also has an immediate repercussion on different aspects of the University’s organisation, such as orientation, external funding and the building of links with other research centres.

For this reason, the theme of scientific communication is also supported in the community through the funding of innovative communication projects.


The CoWorking Lab is an optimal environment for this laboratory, because it allows for the sharing of tools and technologies that can be used to experiment with innovative communication forms and formats, and to study their effects and repercussions.


The laboratory performs both research and development:

  • research on the languages of scientific dissemination (adequate narrative forms, scientific journalism, pedagogical tools, gaming, etc.);
  • experimentation with forms and formats of scientific divulgation in relation to different means (web, social media, press, TV, radio, etc.);
  • the development of techniques for visualising scientific information in different means (from videographics to 3D simulations and in virtual reality);
  • the study of the repercussions and effects of scientific communication in civil society (credibility, trust in research);
  • the development of communication tools for the dissemination of the research and results of the University and its departments.


The CRS includes the Center for Semiotics and Theory of Image “Omar Calabrese” of the DISPOC, directed by Tarcisio Lancioni and in collaboration with Maria Cristina Addis, Stefano Jacoviello, Massimiliano Coviello, Giacomo Tagliani, Francesco Zucconi, Francesca Polacci.