"Ars Videndi" Laboratory of Visual Anthropology


The "Ars Videndi" Laboratory of Visual Anthropology continues the activities of the former University Television Centre.


The University Television Centre was activated in 1987 as a reporting centre, creating documentary productions that would become scientific, didactic and orientation programmes, in collaboration with different institutions as well. In 2003, it became the laboratory of the Department of Communication Sciences. Today, the laboratory performs research on the social use of images, especially in the field of visual anthropology. It has digital tools for both editing and external shooting, welcomes students who want to perform research or write a thesis in the field of audiovisuals applied to anthropology, and develops activities to supplement the didactic curriculum and support students writing their thesis. The laboratory is also the organisational hub of the Summer School Ars Videndi in Visual Anthropology and Technologies of the Image, and supports the University’s communication operations (see, for example, www.arsvidendi.unisi.it/Bosone_di_Higgs.html).